Monday, April 10, 2006

Coping With Grief

To move through the grief, it is necessary to find healthy expressions of your feelings through mental and physical activities.  It is human nature to move away from painful stimuli, so people may become avoidant of their painful feelings in grief.  There are others who will tell you that you can only avoid the painful emotions for so long before they come around for a sneak attack.  It is very common to hear, "I was doing so well for so long, then all of sudden I became so emotional.  It was as if it came from out of no where." 

So what can you do to avoid the sneak attacks of grief?  Let your emotions fill you, honor and accept them, and let them go.  What are some ways to honor your grief and to let it go?  Exercise, Journal, Listen to Music, Write Poetry, Paint or Draw, Prayer or Meditation, Join a Support Group, or Volunteer. 

The key is to find "healthy" and "constructive" ways to let out the emotions. 

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